Smoke Alarms Save Lives w/ Alert Bert

Alert Bert (FireSafeTV) ScreenshotA fun and engaging animated video featuring our favorite smoke alarm Alert Bert! This video focuses on the importance of having and maintaining a smoke alarm, while still using fun and simple instructions children will understand and adults will enjoy. Combining bold text and mix of animated and live action visuals Alert Bert! explains how he uses his “special nose” to sniff out smoke and alert you to the danger of a fire so you can get out and stay out of a burning building. Alert Bert doesn’t work alone though, he needs your help to keep smoke detectors working properly. Alert Bert explains how to clean and maintain your smoke alarm, where to and where not to install your smoke alarm, when to test and change the batteries and which smoke alarm is best for your household.With Alert Bert!, a good fire evacuation plan, and proper smoke alarm maintenance you can help Smoke Alarms, Save Lives!

Support Documents
  • PBFP86-VLG
Additional Info
  • Runtime: 10 minutes
  • Age Level: Pre-K - 6th
  • Code: FP86D